Thank you for your interest in Orbit. Before applying, we would like to give you, as a prospective applicant, an overview to assist in making an informed decision on whether Orbit is the right choice for you. Following are some details about the school, the city and the application requirements.
Orbit International Language Institute is a medium sized school located in the heart of Fukui City. We have the capacity to teach up to 7 languages. However, English has by far the largest share. We teach English to all ages ranging from preschool children to adults. Our staff has a very team-oriented approach and has a keen interest in finding ways to grow together.
Contract information:
• 1 year/renewable
• Starting Salary 220,000- 250,000 JPY
• Applicant's visa status: Will sponsor or renew
• Health Insurance subsidized
• Teaching/class hours/week: 20-25
• Hours and days: 5 days a week (exc. Sun) varied hours
• Accommodation included if needed -about 40,000 – 55,000 JPY/month partially furnished

Further details: initial teacher’s training, paid holidays, resigning bonus, transportation allowance.
Fukui city in Fukui prefecture is surrounded by a lot of nature (mountains on one side and the Sea of Japan on the other). The city is more ‘low-key’ than the mega cities of Japan. It has however, easy access to two major airports and is located 1.5 hours from Kyoto, 1.8 hours to Osaka and Nagoya and about 45min from Kanazawa. It is well known because of Eiheiji the famous Buddhist monastery, founded by Dogen Zenji. Fukui placed 1st place amongst Japan’s other 47 prefectures as the “Best place to live” by NHK (National Japanese Broadcast Corporation) in 2011.
• resume & teaching certification(s) if applicable
• letter of introduction
• two current photographs
• University degree: BA, BS, or higher
• experience PREFERRED
International/Japanese driver's license preferred
Please send your details to here
We look forward to hearing from prospective future colleagues…
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